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Industrial Rigging and Piping Services

Let bXperts Do Your Rigging and Piping Work

We offer industrial rigging services for safe and precise machinery moving and rigging, and top-notch, specialized industrial piping solutions. Need help assembling or starting up a machine? We will do that, too! We handle it all — from the simplest to the most challenging projects. 

Many OEMs rely on bXperts for the installation, relocation or removal of a machine they manufactured, particularly if it is a unique piece of equipment. We provide the manpower and will supply the tools as needed to ensure that the job is done correctly and safely. In addition to machinery moving and rigging, our installation technicians will perform the associated piping and welding work.

Our technicians are experienced in industrial equipment rigging services, industrial piping solutions and welding. They understand how to strap, rig and lift heavy equipment in a way that protects our customers’ employees and property. Trust us to move your machinery, ductwork,  processing equipment, conveyors, pressure vessels and tanks, cooling towers and other industrial equipment.

Choose Us for Our Rigging and Piping Expertise

bXperts excels in providing high-quality, industry-leading industrial rigging services and industrial piping solutions. Our team of experts is trained to handle complex machinery moving and rigging tasks, ensuring a smooth transition, whether installing new machinery or relocating existing equipment. Let bXperts safely and efficiently handle your valuable machinery while you enjoy peace of mind that your assets are being carefully protected.

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