Retrofits & Overhauls

Manufacturing Equipment Retrofits and Overhauls

Equipment Retrofit and Equipment Overhaul Services

bXperts offers top-of-the-line manufacturing equipment retrofit and overhaul services. These cost-effective alternatives to purchasing new equipment breathe new life into current machines by updating them to meet modern standards of efficiency by restoring them to their original condition or better. In addition to enhancing the efficiency of your machines to increase productivity levels, our retrofit and overhaul services also extend their lifespans, which reduces the total cost of ownership.

How do you know when it’s time to retrofit your machinery? Does your business require greater efficiency than your current equipment provides? Are there capabilities or new technology you need that your existing equipment lacks? Has an old machine died and the new model is currently unavailable? Does your network of machines lack connectivity? Would a single machine replacement require redesign of your entire production line?

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bXperts specializes in providing manufacturing equipment services designed to bring machines up to today’s standards of efficiency. After receiving extensive training on various manufacturing equipment, our technicians are well-qualified to restore your machines so that they operate like new. 

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